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AVCAD for Revit (AVCAD RV)



AVCAD RV (AVCAD for Revit) - The plugin for Autodesk Revit - is a helpful tool for AV engineers.


Get to know how to work with AVCAD RV with the help of our lessons on our YouTube channel

You will have 30 days of a free trial from Autodesk Appstore after the first launch

Click the button to go to the Autodesk Appstore website and get the last version

Take a look at the 101 course to understand how an AVCAD RV can be used in large projects.

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After the trial period, you can buy an AVCAD RV license for a month or a year subscription on the official Autodesk website.

Please review our refund policy before purchasing



1. Autodesk app store

After the purchasing on Autodesk app store download the MSI file from there, install the software, and log in to your account in Revit

During the subscription period, our customer gets AVCAD RV license, all the updates and customer support free of charge

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