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AVCAD's version comparison

Important note:  depending on the program you use, the workflow of some commands and the commands themselves may differ.


- released

- work in progress

Inserting the device into Rack Elevation


Hard & Soft options

Set Parameters

(price, weight, heat etc.)

Scheme Manager

Change Filters

Change Connectors

Create Panel

Draw Rack

Fill Rack

Draw Free

Get Info

Mark Cables



Break Wires

Equipment Assignment

AVCAD Pictorial

AVCAD Pictorial Manager

AVCAD Floor-Plans


for AutoCAD

50 USD/M

200 USD/Y


for BricsCAD, ZWCAD,


50 USD/M

200 USD/Y


for Revit

50 USD/M

200 USD/Y


for Visio

25 USD/M

100 USD/Y

Fast and accurate way to insert rackable devices into Rack elevation

User can add options to a device, such as redundant power supply, an optional card, software and so on.

User can add any text information to a device as a parameter, such as price, weight, heat and so on.

Choosing specific groups of interfaces of a device on the drawing

Choosing specific interfaces of a device on the drawing

Creation and rotation patch and termination panels

Creating a table of selected Rack elevation or selected area content

Creating the Cable List and Cable Labels on the drawing

Creating of the Arrows and Feathers with Cable List information

Fast way to draw bunch of cables

This command creates and operates the breakwires

Add, manage and scale the images on your drawings.


Move a block and linked cables simultaneously

on Model Space of a CAD.

Creation and Rack Elevation on the drawing with Front, Side and Rear views

Main interface for adding devices

from databases to a drawing

Central hub for all the information from the drawing. It helps to export Engineering Equipment List, Summed Equipment List, Cable List. It also helps you to rename the devices, search for the specific locations, re-label the Cable labels and a lot more. Scheme Manager works with AVCAD's entities only.

Adding extra text information to all the entities on the drawing such as Cable Types, Connectors, Spare parts and so on.

Replace, rename, remove and manage your images on your drawing. Export the information to Microsoft® Excel

This command helps you to create conduits on your floor plans and use dwg blocks from other drawings

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