AVCAD helps engineers and designers to create AV and IT Wire Diagrams with engineering information, Rack Layouts, Cable and Equipment's Lists and even more. AVCAD's purpose is the creation of accurate, detailed and well readable schemes along with all kinds of reports using simple and intuitive tools.


AVCAD's Highlights

Block Schematic tools

Large pre-created Equipment Library containing most common brands
used in AV-IT industry (Crestron, Extron, BSS, Biamp, AJA, BlackMagic etc.);
Drag and drop selected device to desired location on a drawing

Default layers for every kind of scheme circuit. Just choose from

Audio, Video, Control, Power etc;

Fast filter changing for distinguishing the types of interconnection;
Drawing Patch and Termination Panels;

Tools for Cable Drawing and Labelling:

Feathers and Arrows, Equipment Assignments,

Rack Layout Tools

Creating Rack Furniture;
Placing the equipment to Rack Layout. All devices have their real dimensions.



Report Tools

Cable List;

Equipment List;

Power Consumption List
IP Tables.



User Databases

AVCAD Base Manager helps you to create your own equipment library
using standalone application;

Easy distribution of your databases via Dropbox, Google Drive and
shared disks. No SQL-servers needed.

AVCAD's plugins list

Central hub for all the information from the drawing. It helps to export Engineering Equipment List, Summed Equipment List, Cable List. It also helps you to rename the devices, search for the specific locations, re-label the Cable labels and a lot more. Scheme Manager works with AVCAD's entities only.

Main interface for adding devices from databases to Model Space of a CAD

Scheme Manager


Change Filters

Choosing specific groups of interfaces of a device on the drawing

Change Connectors

Choosing specific interfaces of a device on the drawing

Create Panel

Creation and rotation patch and termination panels

Draw Rack

Creation and Rack Elevation on the drawing with Front, Size and Rear views

Fill Rack

Fast and accurate way to insert rackable devices into Rack elevation

Draw Free

Adding a device into the Rack elevation with free location

Get Rack Info

Creating a table of selected Rack elevation content

Mark Cables

Creating the Cable List and Cable Labels on the drawing


Creating of the Arrows and Feathers with Cable List information


Fastest way to create multiple connections between devices with polylines on the drawing

Equipment Assignment

Adding extra text information to all the entities on the drawing such as Cable Types, Connectors, Spare parts and so on.





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